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Natural Dog Treats for a happy dog

...with a shiny coat, sparkling teeth & perfect poos!

Your monthly delivery of healthy, British made dog treats

The subscription box your dog will thank you for!

Customers LOVE
Doggy Treats UK

Doggy Treats UK

"A great selection of lovely treats for Chester. He is so excited his tail was wagging!"

Doggy Treats UK
Doggy Treats UK

"Blue loves the selection of yummy treats, especially the rabbit ears."

Doggy Treats UK
Doggy Treats UK

"We love getting our box every month. We have never seen Humphrey so excited."

Doggy Treats UK

Happy Healthy Dogs.
No Nasties added.

Doggy Treats UK

Subscription box not right for you at the moment?

Order your choice of natural doggy treats from our shop

Doggy Treats UK

Shop for individual doggy treats
Shop in our virtual market

If you can't make one of our weekly markets please shop here for your dogs favourite natural treats.

We select the most popular treats from our markets for our online shop for you to buy individually, just like shopping at one of our markets. We are always here to offer advice and recommendations for your dog. If you are not sure where to start please try our £10 Doggy Treat Bag which includes a great selection of our customers favourite treats. We subsidise the postage as much as we can without adding to our prices. 

Doggy Treats UK
Doggy Treats UK

Build A Box
Delicious British-made treats

If our subscription boxes are not right for your dogs you can now build your own Monthly box and include the natural treats you know your dogs will love. Choose your own treats, your own quantities and your own box price. Order once and we will deliver your treat box each month to your door. 

What's in the box
Delicious British-made treats

Each month your dog will enjoy a variety of 100% natural British Treats - specially selected by us to keep your dog healthy & happy.

We include approximately 28 or more different treats in our regular, Approx 42 treats in our Deluxe box & 38 Sausages in our sausage box. All treats will help to improve your dogs teeth, gums, fur, skin & Tummy.

Doggy Treats UK
Doggy Treats UK

Annie and her friend love their rabbit ear treats. Annie is so excited when the postman brings her box of treats each Month

Doggy Treats UK
Doggy Treats UK

Miller is a big fan of our natural treats, especially our beef knees. He has the most beautiful white teeth from eating his delicious treats.

Doggy Treats UK
Doggy Treats UK

Dodger has the shiniest fur you have ever seen since starting to enjoy natural doggy treats. Buffalo tails are one of his favorites! 

Doggy Treats UK

Every month, your dog will benefit from:

Hairy treats for de-worming

Something fun for boredom & anxiety

Teeth flossing & cleaning treats

Sausages full of protein

8 different boxes to choose from!

Variety, Convenience & Quality

Approx 28-42 treats every month

Delicious British treats, natural toys, plus new treats every month for variety that your dog will love!

Top quality treats supplied by British Farmers

Supporting British farmers and meat industry with no air miles!

Healthy, natural & no additives

Highest quality totally natural treats with no hidden extras. Improve your dog's health!

Doggy Treats UK

Delivered to your door every month

Hassle free and no contract.
Easy to subscribe, easy to cancel.

These treats clean my teeth

Choose your subscription

How it works


Choose your plan


Receive your treat box every month


Watch as your dog is happier and healthier

Doggy Treats UK

My mum says my poos are perfect!

Doggy Treats UK
Doggy Treats UK

Regular Box

Doggy Treats UK

Puppy & Senior Box

Deluxe Box

Doggy Treats UK

Sausage Box

Welcome, dog lovers!

We are Barb, Alfie, Olly & Roxy

We re-homed our little Roxy in 2018 and she was in such a state from abuse. We knew food would be a big part of her recovery. We started both of our dogs on a natural & raw diet. The results were amazing! Her coat improved very quickly, her discoloured teeth whitened and even her behaviour improved. Our vets could not believe the change in her appearance & general health.

We became so passionate about British natural treats and spreading the word that we decided to share our love with the world through a monthly subscription box. We hope you love them too!

Doggy Treats UK
Barb & Alfie Owners of Doggy Treats UK
Barbara Tatnell from Doggy Treats UK
Doggy Treats UK

Any questions?

Am I on a yearly contract?

Nope. All of our boxes are charged month to month, and can be paused, stopped or restarted at any point.

What's in each box?

Each box contains a variety of healthy, British-made treats, and the contents will vary slightly box to box. It's a surprise!

Can I buy an individual treat?

Yes, we have a large selection of treats in our shop which you can purchase individually. We have selected our most popular treats from our weekly markets for you to purchase. We also subsidise the postage as much as we can.


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