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10 Surprising Reasons Fur Dog Treats are so Good for Your Dog

Hi everyone! This time we want to answer your questions about fur dog treats. We often find our fur dog treats fascinate people, and it’s the one thing we’re asked the most about. Natural treats contain lots of benefits, so why is fur so good for dogs?

Why are Fur Dog Treats so Good?

1. Fur firms up stools

Picking up dog poo is sometimes unpleasant, especially if your dog has an upset tummy. The fur on dog treats helps to bulk up stools as they pass through the digestive tract. You can see them in the poo! Dog poos become firm, solid, and (we won’t say a joy) but much easier to pick up.

2. Fur dog treats help with digestion

The fur on dog treats cleans your dog’s digestive tract. It’s a bit like brushing your teeth. The fibres grab onto and brush away undigested food that may have become lodged or trapped in the gut. This cleans the gut, allowing the digestive system to digest more nutrients.

3. Fur is a natural de-wormer

Some fur dog treats, e.g., rabbit ears, work to de-worm your dog naturally. It’s that brush action we were talking about. Fur picks up worms and eggs that can stick in the gut and removes them safely. So, no more expensive trips to the vet for de-worming tablets. Let nature help to keep your dog healthy and provide a tasty treat at the same time.

4. Fur is an excellent source of manganese

We know that dogs need certain vitamins and minerals in their diet that are sadly lacking in most commercial dog food. But did you know manganese is important?

Manganese is a mineral responsible for:

  • Absorbing and digesting food

  • Converting food into energy

  • Maintaining a healthy skeletal structure

  • Maintaining strong tendons and ligaments

  • Helping with brain function

  • Assisting in good kidney and liver function

Things like meat, liver and bones contain manganese, but not enough to be a benefit for your dog. Processed food and even raw food only have trace amounts. Fur dog treats are an excellent natural source of manganese. Fur contains up to 10 times the amount found in meat.

5. Fur is a natural source of fibre

Fibre is an essential part of a dog’s diet. Dogs who have sensitive tummies are prone to diarrhoea or constipation. Not only does fibre bulk up stools, but it also helps to relieve and stop constipation. Fibre gets food moving through the gut, making passing stools a lot more comfortable for your dog.

6. Fur helps to express anal glands

There are easy ways and hard ways to express anal glands. The hard way is doing it yourself or taking your dog to the vet. The easy way is to give your dog plenty of fibre in their diet. Lovely firm stools press on a dog’s anal glands and express them naturally and regularly. So, if your dog has a problem with their glands, try furry rabbit ears.

7. Fur cleans your dog’s teeth

When dogs chew on a fur dog treat, this creates a rubbing movement against their teeth. This works to prevent a buildup of plaque and removes food. Fur is so fine it can even get in between the teeth where commercial dog chews struggle. Fur is a brilliant natural dental floss for your dog.

8. Fur is hypoallergenic

Many dogs become sensitised or allergic to the ingredients in dog food. When this happens, vets advise eliminating the allergic-causing foods and replacing them with a ‘novel’ protein. Novel protein is simply a different type of protein not normally found in dog food. Fur is a novel protein classed as hypoallergenic, making it suitable for dogs with sensitive tummies.

9. Even fussy dogs love fur dog treats

Have you ever spent a fortune on the latest fancy dog treat, only for your dog to turn its nose up at it? Dogs love the natural smell and texture of fur dog treats. Our customers tell us about how their dogs will play with the treat for hours before devouring it. Let’s face it, a furry rabbit ear is much more exciting and enticing than something manufactured out of a packet.

10. Fur is great for puppies

You must be careful giving dog treats to puppies. Some are too big; some are too hard and others can cause choking. Fur, especially on dog treats like rabbit ears or goat ears, is perfect for puppies from around 12 weeks and older. They even help to relieve pain associated with teething.


Who knew fur had so many incredible benefits? We hope this blog has answered your questions about fur dog treats. If there’s anything we haven’t covered, please email or come and chat to us at one of our local market stalls.


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