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All about our Regular Box

Our regular box is our bestseller, which dogs can't get enough of!

A yummy box full of healthy, British made treats, delivered to your door. Our regular doggy treat box is full of 100% natural treats your dog will love. A balanced hand picked selection with your dogs all round health and happiness in mind.

Perfect for one dog or two dogs

  • A balanced, hand-picked selection of 100% meat treats, no additives, preservatives or nasties, just as nature intended.

  • More than 28 natural treats which we vary each month.

  • Your box will always include hairy treats which are a natural dewormer, long lasting treats as a boredom buster, natural chews to clean & floss teeth.

  • Our treats are Hypoallergenic containing no wheat, maize, dairy or soya, just 100% meat. We do include some chicken products, please see our no chicken box for no chicken.

  • A selection of 100% meat sausages with NO artificial fillers, which every dog loves and also a great training treat when cut up.

  • Great saving..Our regular box retails at £35 for individual treats.

  • Not suitable for puppies under 12 weeks old


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