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How Do You Wash Dogs Without Water? Use Our Innovative No Water Pet Shampoo!

wash dogs without water

If you are reading this, our guess is you have a dog that hates water. Let us tell you, we feel your pain. In the past, if our dog got dirty, no matter how gently we’d try to get him in the bath, he would resist all our efforts.

However, our dog loved nothing better than rolling in the stinkiest fox poo he could find, so we had to clean him somehow. Bathing him was a nightmare. The result would be a stressed dog (and human) and water everywhere. But how do you wash dogs without water? We’ve found a revolutionary pet shampoo that cleans the messiest of dogs with no water involved.

Nilaqua Towel Off Pet Shampoo can wash dogs without water

In our search to find how to wash our smelly dog without water, we came across a brilliant new pet shampoo. It is made by Nilaqua, it’s called Towel Off Pet Shampoo and it’s perfect for dogs who hate water.

About Nilaqua

Nilaqua is an award-winning company with a great heritage. This UK company is environmentally friendly and cruelty-free. It has also supplied the NHS with water-less personal hygiene products designed for bed-bound patients for over ten years. In fact, they were the first company to sell alcohol-free sanitisers in the UK.

Not only do their products save valuable drinking water, but they also use 25% recycled plastic. Now they’ve focused their expertise on pet cleaning products, launching a range of three water-less pet shampoos.

The water-less shampoos

These pet shampoos clean your dog’s fur without bathing. Nilaqua uses all-natural ingredients with cleansing and foaming properties that gently lift dirt away. Less stress for your dog, and definitely less stress for you. The ingredients vary from each shampoo, but across the range they contain water and natural ingredients like coconut, orange peel, peppermint, eucalyptus, Cyprus wood and Tea-tree oil.

The shampoos are pH-balanced for animals and hypoallergenic. The pH balance is important because animals have a different pH than humans. We shouldn’t use human shampoo on dogs, as the wrong pH can dry out their skin.

We use this pet shampoo on our water-reluctant dog, and he loves it when we massage the product into his fur.

Does it replace the need for bathing?

We have found that the coconut and mulberry shampoos work best for small areas that need cleaning but don’t require a full bath. For example, when our dog rolls in fox poo, he often gets it up the side of his face, behind his ear and on his back. Using the water-less shampoo is perfect because we can target these specific areas and we don’t get a messy bath to clean afterwards. These two shampoos are ideal for spot cleaning your dog and freshening up their fur.

The peppermint shampoo is good for all-over cleaning and helps repel fleas and other parasites. So, how do you use it?

How to use the shampoo

Spot-cleaning: Wet the dirty area of your dog’s fur with the shampoo and gently massage it in (dogs love this part!) Keep massaging the shampoo into the fur and you'll see the dirt just disappears! It's like magic! When all the dirt is gone, towel off any remaining shampoo and brush the fur to give a lovely shiny coat.

When we use this shampoo, we like to pop our dog on a towel as the liquid is the consistency of water. This means it can run off the fur, just like water would. If you cup your hand under the area you’re going to clean, you can catch any runoff shampoo quickly before it drips off your dog.

If the shampoo drips onto your towel, just use the towel on your dog to rub the shampoo onto areas you haven’t yet cleaned. We find it works well when cleaning small amounts of fur.

Bathing: To use the water-less shampoo instead of bathing, brush the coat first to loosen dander, skin flakes and dry dirt. Then liberally apply the wet shampoo, working downwards from the spine to the paws. Massage into the dog’s fur until foamy and lathered. When the dirt has gone, towel the shampoo off.

Nilaqua Pet Shampoo is available in three fragrances and two sizes, 200ml and 500ml:

  • Peppermint - a natural flea deterrent

  • Coconut - suitable for sensitive skin

  • Mulberry - removes fox poo


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