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Introducing our New Luxury Pet Sheepskin Beds and Rugs

luxury pet sheepskin rugs and beds

At Doggy Treats UK, we are always on the lookout for new products, and it’s our pleasure to announce our new luxury pet sheepskin beds and rugs. Sheepskin doesn’t just look good, it has health benefits for your pets too.

Here’s why we love them.

10 Benefits of our New Luxury Pet Sheepskin Beds and Rugs

1. Sheepskin is a recycled by-product

If you want to use environmentally sustainable products, sheepskin is a wise choice. Sheepskin is 100% natural, biodegradable and a by-product from farming. Farmers sell the meat and send the skin to a tannery; this soft leather is used to line luxury cars. The leftover sheepskin would end up in a landfill if not used. We stock only the finest sheepskin rugs made from North American merino sheep, famed for its dense, silky-soft fibres.

2. Keeps your pet cool in summer and warm in winter

Sheepskin is a natural thermostat for pets. Unlike synthetic material, the natural fibres in sheepskin breathe. This allows air to circulate, keeping your pet cool in the summer. Sheepskin contains lanolin which repels water. It also adjusts naturally to your pet’s temperature, so your dog will be warm and cosy in the winter.

3. Has anti-anxiety properties

Dogs and cats love the natural animal scent of sheepskin. We know how cats love catnip, well, sheepskin is just as irresistible, but instead of exciting animals it calms them down. Sheepskin beds promote healthy sleep by relaxing the body and minds of our pets. The dense wool soothes and relaxes them. Dogs love to burrow in the long fibres and hide away from the world.

We have lots of owners that say our sheepskin rugs are a haven of calm during fireworks and thunderstorms. The soft wool is also perfect for a luxurious sleep. Owners say the beds are like a warm, luxurious hug for their pets.

4. Provides support for arthritic pets

Did you know we use sheepskin in hospitals and care homes? The wool is so dense it provides comfortable support for those with aches and pains. It’s the same for our pets. Sheepskin wool distributes pressure evenly across the whole body. This reduces pressure sores, relieves arthritic pain and supports weaker joints.

5. Contains lanolin which promotes healthy skin

Lanolin is one of those natural wonder products. Lanolin works as a barrier to keep out rain and harsh elements from the animal. Many skincare brands contain lanolin because it seals in moisture but also allows the skin to breathe. It keeps skin supple and prevents dryness. It helps soothe damaged or irritated skin, keeping your pet’s fur shiny and healthy.

6. Contains anti-bacterial properties

luxury pet sheepskin rugs and beds

Another remarkable benefit of lanolin is that it halts bacterial growth. Lanolin is a natural deterrent to pathogens and helps keep diseases at bay. It also deters bugs like fleas, bedbugs and other parasitic animals.

7. Sheepskin is a tough, durable material

Sheepskin is one of nature’s most durable products. Imagine how it protects sheep from the harshest of elements. We think you’ll find even the most determined of dogs will find our sheepskin rugs indestructible. Despite the softness and luxurious feel, these are tough leather products and can withstand wear and tear.

8. Sheepskin is washable and easy to care for

As sheepskin is a natural product, caring for it couldn’t be easier. You can use your pet brush to separate the woolen fibres and air it outdoors to freshen it up. Alternatively, stick it in a cool wash and allow it to dry naturally.

9. They look stylish

luxury pet sheepskin rugs and beds

You don’t have to compromise on style with a sheepskin rug. They complement any room in the house and, with a choice of colours, you can easily match one to your décor. Our sheepskin rugs come in classic colours and modern and in two sizes.

10. Adaptable and travel-friendly

luxury pet sheepskin rugs and beds

You can use our sheepskin rugs to line a pet bed, or on its own. Drape one over your pet’s favourite chair or corner of the room and watch them sink into the glossy fibres with a sigh of relaxation. Alternatively, pop one in the boot of your car to help dogs with travel anxiety. The smell relaxes them in an instant. And they come with a handy bag so you can pack them with you alongside your cat or dog.


As you can see, our new sheepskin beds and rugs have many benefits. We hope you are as delighted with them as we are.


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