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Meet Our Team - Barb

Hello, I am Barb the creator of Doggy Treats and a massive dog lover! Mum of 2 furry monkeys, Olly & Roxy. Married to Alfie for about 10 years. We love spending our time together and decided to work together with something we are both passionate about... Dogs!

My background is sales, but to be honest I was never very good at it because I wasn't pushy enough and I didn't have passion about what I was selling. Who can be passionate about wallpaper & probate?

I was 50 something and wanted/needed to fill my life with something I would enjoy everyday. I thought about what I loved in life and it was my dogs. They make me smile everyday, they make me laugh and they make me get up in the morning when I don't want to. They are always happy to see me and they know when I am down or poorly and make me feel better. They just know....

We started using natural treats to improve the health of my little rehome - Roxy. She was like a monster (not socialized & beaten) because of her past and was in very poor health. Natural treats improved her health and helped us teach her to be a nicer dog. I didn't think I would ever love her, I am ashamed to say. But I did eventually because she would do anything for a sausage!

We set up our Dog Treat business with very clear objectives:

1. To teach people about the benefits of natural treats for their dogs

2. To only sell British treats unless there was a benefit to our dogs to source from elsewhere. Such as Buffalo & Ostrich, which is lower in fat than beef & pork.

3. A little selfish... but to spend our day with dogs! And dog owners who care about the health of their furry family members.

My Future Plans For Doggy Treats UK

I love to support small British businesses and lovely passionate hardworking people. I am developing our range to include hand made leads and beautiful harnesses which are the very best quality you can buy. I also look for new product to make our life easy such as our new range or Raw food which doesn't need a freezer! Anything to make our life easy but still provide the very best quality for our doggies.

I am the luckiest person in the world spending my days with dogs and thinking about how I can improve their lives....

Meet the rest of our team.... Alfie..

Our Newest Member... Maria..


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