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Top 10 Best Natural Dog Treats to Benefit Your Dog’s Health

Hi there, Alfie and Barb here and this time we want to give you our Top 10 Best Natural Dog Treats.

So, how did we choose from our amazing choice? We’ll be honest, it wasn’t easy. Our natural dog treats have multiple benefits. Many of our dog treats are low fat, packed with vital minerals and easy to digest. Picking our favourites was hard, however, we've based our selection on customer purchases and reviews.

Our Top 10 Best Dog Treats are the treats our customers buy over and over again.

Whatever you’re looking for, here's what our customers love the most.

Top 10 Best Natural Dog Treats: Long Lasting Dog Treats

1. Beef Knees

3 Beef Knees also called doggy gobstoppers a long lasting dog treat.

We put beef knees at number one on our top 10 best natural dog treats. Beef knees are our top bestsellers and here’s why our customers love them. They last for ages, which is ideal if you must pop out for a few hours.

Beef knees act as a natural toy and clean our dog’s teeth at the same time. There’s no odour, so they’re perfect for taking to the pub & keeping your dog occupied.

2. Venison/deer's legs

5 hairy venison legs a perfect long lasting chew for dogs.

Your dog will think it’s their birthday when you give them one of our venison legs. They are long-lasting and dogs love gnawing through the hair to munch the meaty bone. If you’ve got younger dogs who are still in the chewing stage, give them a deer's leg. It satisfies their instinctive desire to chew. It will save you money on TV remotes and table legs!

But they’re not just boredom busters; our deer's legs are full of calcium and are a natural wormer. The hair on the legs acts as added fibre and they clean your dogs’ teeth too!

3. Buffalo tails

Customers and their dogs love our buffalo tails. They keep their dogs occupied for hours. When your dog has tasted one of our buffalo tails, they’ll be waiting by the door for the next order. These tasty dog treats are very long-lasting and are full of fibres, which makes them ideal teeth cleaners.

As with our deer's legs, they are an excellent source of calcium. Buffalo tails are a low-allergen meat source. This means they’re perfect for dogs with allergies. They contain less fat than beef and pork, so you can give them to overweight dogs.

Teeth Cleaners: The Natural Way to Clean Your Dogs’ Teeth

4. Trachea

A pile of beef trachea a teeth cleaner & flosser for dogs.

Our beef trachea has lots of lovely fibres and ridges. When your dog chews, the trachea gets in between your dog’s teeth, rubbing against them and removing tartar buildup. But, that’s not all. As with all our natural dog treats, the trachea has multiple benefits.

Trachea is great for older dogs as the cartilage on the outside of the trachea is rich in glucosamine and chondroitin. As with humans, this helps strengthen and maintain flexibility in joints. It’s also hypo allergic, so it’s perfect for dogs with a sensitive tummy.

5. Buffalo rolls

Any dog owner with teething puppies knows they’ll chew anything for relief. Instead of ruining your furniture, give them our low-fat buffalo rolls. These are available either filled with peanut butter or smoked to enhance flavour.

They last for ages and are so tasty they entice your puppy away from the things you don’t want them to chew in the house. Not only are they a natural way to satiate a dog’s natural chewing instinct, but they’re a great alternative to rawhide. Rawhide is awful; it’s hard to digest, is high fat and can cause bowel obstructions. Our dogs can’t tolerate it.

Natural Wormers: Worm Your Dog with a Tasty Dog Treat

6. Rabbit ears

Our rabbit ears are so popular we have to be careful not to run out! Rabbit ears are another one of our best-sellers because they have lots of benefits. The major benefit is they’re a natural wormer, so no more expensive prescriptions from the vets.

Rabbit ears are full of fibre and hair, which makes them ideal for a healthy digestive system. They also floss and clean teeth! They’re perfect for any size dog but an excellent alternative for smaller dogs who have trouble getting a whole pig’s ear in their mouth (not that our dogs have that problem!)

7. Hairy cow’s ear

Our hairy cow’s ears are great for larger dogs who need a larger treat. Hair on a treat act as a natural wormer so we’ve included the hair on our cow’s ears.

Unlike some shop-bought pig’s ears, our cow ears are not greasy and contain less fat. And we source all our treats from reputable farmers, so you know they are British and come with a high welfare status.

Sensitive tummy? We’ve got a treat for that!

8. Ostrich bone or Dino bone

An Ostrich bone for dogs a low fat non allergy causing bone which does not splinter.

We class ostrich as a ‘novel’ protein for dogs. This means it’s not part of their usual diet, but why is that important? Most dog food contains beef or chicken and after a while, dogs can become allergic to it.

Adding an ostrich bone to your dog’s diet improves its variety, and it has some amazing properties.

Ostrich bones are not like beef bones; they have a honeycomb structure inside which crumbles after chewing. Some bones can splinter, causing terrible damage to a dog’s stomach (we all know not to give our dogs cooked chicken bones). Ostrich bones bulk up a dog’s stools which eases digestion, firms the poop and makes picking up poops a lot easier! They also don’t ‘go off’, are non-greasy and last for weeks.

9. Dried sprats & fish jerky treats

Fish is full of the wonderful Omega 3. Omega 3 is essential for a shiny coat and conditioning the skin. Our dried sprats are 100% natural, with no nasty additives, so they won’t upset a sensitive tummy. They’re great as a training treat or addition to dinner. These sprats are dried whole, which leaves all the natural goodness and the skin and bones, which helps prevent tartar buildup.

10. Chicken feet

4 chicken feet which is a perfect dog treat for small dogs.

Our final contender for a place in the top 10 best natural dog treats is chicken feet. Chicken feet are the perfect small snack teeth cleaner. These are great for smaller dogs or those with sensitive stomachs. Our grain-free treats are easy to digest and a great way to satisfy a puppy’s instinct for chewing.


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