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What are the best treats for puppies?

We have a lot of puppy customers visiting our weekly markets for natural treats. We love advising new dog owners about our natural healthy treats and the benefits for their new puppy.

The main problem puppy owners have is their puppy teething and either trying to eat their hand or their furniture, and on occasions the skirting board!

The Best treats for a teething puppy.

Our favorite and most popular natural treats for a puppy are our Buffalo Rolls.

Our buffalo rolls are perfect because they are not only lower fat than beef and pork treats they are long lasting and all dogs love them. A puppy can sink their teeth into their buffalo roll which will ease their sore gums and distract them.

Another great treat for your puppy is our buffalo tails. These are a long lasting treat which will keep your puppy entertained for hours. These tails are a great alternative to your shoes or cables... and they are much tastier! Our buffalo tails are again, lower fat than our beef and pork doggy treats and are full of fibers which will clean and floss your dogs teeth.

If you are looking for a small treat for your puppy a chickens foot is a great option. Chicken feet are a quick healthy snack for you puppy, which will help them ease their sore gums.

Why not take a look at our puppy box which is full of specially selected treats to suit your puppy. We vary the treats in our puppy box each month to keep your puppy excited about receiving their box each month. We offer a one off box for you to test or you can sign up for a monthly box to be delivered right to your door.

Take a look at our shops ho ps shop sho sh s afraid to give your puppy over 12 weeks a venison leg a trachea or even a tough beef skin. Exercising their jaw is also important for a puppy so a big tasty treat is also good for your pup.

Take a look at our Puppy page where we have selected all of our puppy treats suitable for your pup over 12weeks of age.

We are always here to help you with advice about the best treats for your dog. Please pop Barb & Alfie a message if you need any help. Message Us.


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