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Why Are Yak Cheese Bars Good For Your Dog?

Did you know most Yak Bars do not contain any Yaks milk!

Our Yak Cheese Bars, affectionately known as 'Yakeese', are crafted using an ancient recipe and a meticulous 6-step process with a blend of Yak and Cow milk, Salt, Lime juice, and a final smoking to seal in the goodness. These new bars represent a delicious and healthy treat that comes straight from the heart of the Himalayas. Containing a massive 40 to 50% Yaks milk!

The Origin of Our New Yakeese

Originally, these bars were made for human consumption. Their primary purpose was to preserve Yak's milk during the cold months by converting it into hard cheese. This hard cheese then served as a snack rich in Calcium and Protein. The local community, ranging from school kids to mountaineers, would take a small piece of the bar, known as “Churpi”, in their mouth. It would slowly release saliva, assisting in hydration.

Evolution into a Dog Treat

The evolution of Yakeese took an interesting turn when it was discovered that local dogs found these bars to be a scrumptious delight. This led to the production of larger bars and the birth of Yakeese dog treats, a healthy and long-lasting reward for our furry friends.

Our Yaks and Cows

The source of our Yakeese lies in the Himalayan ranges, where our Yaks and Cows graze freely at an altitude of 15,000 ft and above. They munch on the freshest herbs and medicinal plants, providing an abundance of healthy milk. This organic grazing routine is what gives our Yakeese its distinct, natural taste and nutritional richness.

They started in 2022 with 3 Cows, 2 Yaks and a single farmer with a vision of supporting the people in the Village in Nepal and providing funding for the farmers , workers and their families plus education for the children.

Today they are proud to be supporting over 20 families within our remote village factory, With currently 6 dairy farmers and several healthy Yaks using green energy where possible all from the proceeds of Yakeese sales.

Benefits of Yak Bars For Your Dog

Yakeese is not just a treat, but a bundle of multiple health benefits. It is a healthy, low-fat, and long-lasting treat. Larger dogs will typically consume it within a week, whereas smaller dogs might take longer. Once it becomes too small to chew, it can be soaked in water, microwaved, and transformed into a Yakeese Puff. It's an excellent value for your money as it uses the entire bar, leaving no waste behind. Moreover, Yakeese is free from chemicals and grains and has a low lactose content, making it a perfect treat for dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies. It also follows a vegetarian recipe, making it suitable for dogs on a plant-based diet.

  • Healthy treat

  • Low in fat

  • Long lasting

  • Relieves boredom - Keep dogs entertained with the knawing action that softens the bar and rewards them with small cheesy pieces.

  • Excellent value - when it becomes too small to chew , Soak in water, pop in microwave and create a YAKEESE PUFF

  • No chemicals

  • Grain free

  • Low Lactose

  • Vegetarian recipe

  • Rich in protein for muscle health

  • No odour

  • No staining

  • Gluten free

  • No artificial colours or flavourings

  • Helps to keep teeth healthy fighting plaque / tartar build up

Yakeese Puffs

Yakeese Puffs are as healthy and delicious as Yakeese bars. They are rich in protein, which promotes muscle health, and contain no artificial colours or flavourings. They are odour-free and don't stain, making them a perfect indoor treat. Moreover, they are gluten-free, making them an excellent choice for dogs with dietary restrictions. The best part? They help keep your dog's teeth healthy by fighting plaque and tartar build-up. Whether it's the original Yakeese bar or the transformed Yakeese Puff, this 100% natural treat is a delightful and healthy choice for your canine companion. So why wait? Let them enjoy the taste of the Himalayas with Yakeese!


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