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Why did we need natural, healthy treats?

We re-homed our little Roxy in 2018 and she was in such a state from abuse, it was very sad. We knew we needed to give her the best chance to recover and food would be a big part of her recovery... as well as her behaviour towards other dogs and Men.

We did a lot of research about diet and started both of our dogs on a natural & raw diet. The results were amazing! Her coat improved very quickly, her discoloured teeth whitened and even her behaviour improved. Our vets could not believe the change in her appearance & general health.

We were so passionate about British natural treats and spreading the word we decided to do what we love and spend our whole time with dogs at exhibitions and our pop up shops...and we love it!

We especially love (apart from cuddling your dogs) teaching dog owners about natural products and how they can improve their dogs health. A lot of our customers start with something which doesn't look like an animal but soon progress to a hairy rabbits ear or even a Venison leg, especially when they see how much their dog loves it and also see improvements in their dogs fur, teeth, digestion and behaviour.

This is why we love what we do and we are very lucky!

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