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Why do dogs need natural, organic treats?

Nowadays, supermarket treats can be so stuffed full of chemicals and preservatives that they're not providing your dog the nutrition they promise to.

Here are some reasons that natural treats are better for your dog:

- Lower calories

Natural, non-processed treats tend to be lower calorie and contain less unhealthy fats.

- More nutrients

Natural treats contain more of the essential nutrients, such as protein, that your dog needs on a day to day basis.

- Aids digestion

Natural and organic treats can aid digestion, therefore making it easier for your dog to process their delicious yummy treats.

- More bang for your buck

With natural and organic treats you're paying for more lovely meat/plant matter and less chemicals and filler. Better for your dog and much better value for money!

There are many more benefits to organic treats such as our Pig Ear or Beef Skin. Take a look at our shop!


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